Our Vendors

Coop’s Antiques

A variety of antiques and collectibles, from vintage glass and advertising items to primitives and unique pieces of furniture.

Style Described As

The balanced mix

D&W Primatives

You have wasted a day if you haven’t burned a candle from D&W.

Style Described As

Primitive style décor and candles

Pickle Lady

All of my ingredients are locally sourced, bringing you the very best while supporting local farmers.  I do like getting creative so you will periodically see new flavors and/or canned items mixed in with my traditional ones!

Style Described As

Best pickles around

Homespun Primitives
and Collectibles

We have home decorating items such as Billy Jacobs prints, woven rugs, pillows, battery operated taper candles and garden flags.  If you need a gift fast, we have lots of cute/fun box signs, socks and HILARIOUS cards.

Style Described As

Farmhouse and Nautical décor

Donna’s Bountiful

We offer a variety of what we love, from antiques, vintage, collectibles and glassware.  We also mix in pieces we’ve restored, rehabbed, or given new life to because we love that aspect as well!

Style Described As

Pretties to Primitives


From Mid century modern to retro funk, this room has all you need to get your groove on!

Style Described As

MCM to Retro Funk

Hayden’s Hideout
/Record Guy

My room is where the past makes the perfect present.  My room is the “Music Room” combined with vintage décor for everyone.

Style Described As

Records and Advertisement

Minnow Bucket

We focus on having anything TRUE vintage (at least 50 years old) to antique (at least 100 years old) and as old as we can find.  That said, we have a little bit of everything from Mid Century Modern, “Pretties”, Victorian and Primitive antiques, and everything in between!

Style Described As

All of the Above and then Some

We all look forward to seeing you soon!

It sounds to us like your next visit is right around the corner, so what are you waiting for? Jump in the car and come check out what amazing new finds we’ve added to our collections!

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