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“Where to begin? My name is Kristi and as my husband (Jason) puts it, we’re a “two man show” run by a “one woman Army”! I grew up with early American Primitives and as an adult (I use that word loosely) started collecting the same.”

I was and will always be a collector; owning an antique store was NEVER a plan.  So here’s what happened..  Several years back Jason convinced me to quit my 9-5 job and challenged me with the question “what are you passionate about?”  I quickly answered “People, animals, antiques, and organizing.”  Literally, a year later the opportunity to buy this building pretty much fell in our laps. Almost 3 years later here we are!  While owning an antique store was never a thought, I truly have everything I’m passionate about and love!

All of us here primarily focus on 2 goals:  Buy right to sell right and HAVE FUN.  Let’s face it, nobody really “needs” something from an antique store.  If you’re here to find that one thing that catches your eye, simply reminisce, or just come to visit with us we can promise it will be a fun time!  We don’t judge so feel free to sing, whistle and/or dance to the 50’s music playing throughout while you shop!  Oh and if a conga line forms (yep, that can happen) feel free to jump in line!

Our building was originally “Powers Motor Court” which was a roadside motel built in 1952.  That said, you’ll be shopping through the old halls and motel rooms, which have the original room numbers above each doorway and adding a little more charm and history.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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