We’ve got sh*t you didn’t know you needed


We know how to have fun, and want you to take it with you when you go home


Our character, our core, comes from our vendors

We have 11 vendors spread throughout almost 2900 square feet of the shop (not including the shed when it’s open!) and we all strive to have a continuous rotation of awesome stuff for everyone!

Scroll to see a sampling of the Minnow Bucket’s 11 vendors.

We've got a story you just have to hear to believe

If someone said we would own an antique store 3 years ago, I would’ve likely laughed. This was never a dream, never a plan or a goal, but truly the biggest blessing in disguise and I wouldn’t change a thing! What most don’t know is that “The Minnow Bucket Antiques” was formed September 2019. We didn’t want to take away what the previous owners had achieved in their 2 years of business prior to us buying the building, so most of the vendors stayed and have been moving forward with us!

About Us

Our Location

If you’re headed down 301, you’ll spot our wonderful red building!


331 Main St
Port Royal, VA 22535


Sunday: 10AM – 5PM
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 10AM – 5PM
Wednesday: 10AM – 5PM

Thursday: 10AM – 5PM
Friday: 10AM – 5PM
Saturday: 10AM – 6PM